Junior - Villains, Hooligans & Scoundrels.

A testament to the social icons in our lives and the friends I keep

Society played a part in the death of my baby brother. The demand for perfection and what was deemed acceptable by our everyday standards helped mold a fragile frame in a young man's mind.

The security and resolution I needed was never to be found within the realms of the everyday working world. I learned to reconcile with what you may unfairly call the ""ills of society"".

I found not only resolve, but also harmony within the world, a world that all members of our populace are exposed to in their lives and is part of a culture, even if you chose to ignore it, is one we all live in. I'm not only lucky enough, but also privileged to have been welcomed and accepted in this world, and here their stories will show that this syndicate are of the same making of us all.


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"For me and my brothers none of our heroes wore capes." - J Allday


Bill Gardner

Carlton Leach

Steve G

Frank McAvennie

Under 5's

Jason Marriner

Danny Brown

Rochdale youth


Phil Thornton 

Danny Woollard

Vic Dark

Angelo Hayman

Frank Fraser

Jimmy Tippett Jnr & Snr

Joey Pyle Jnr

Charles Bronson

Paddy Conroy

Matt Legg

Roy & Tina Shaw

Joe Egan

Irvine Welsh

Garry Bushell

Ricci Harnett

Neil Maskell

Leo Gregory

Tracey Elvik-Rice

Phil Dalby

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Lessons Volume 1 - OUT OF STOCK

A diary for my daughter and a message to my son


With the release of what I'd considered my one and only book, titled Junior, I was asked shortly after by my daughter, if my friends were dangerous or bad people? One promise I made to myself a long time ago, is I'd never lie to my children. "They always tried to do their best for people they cared for" was my reply. "But isn't that what the police do, dad?", was her next question. After some thought, I simply replied, "Think of my friends as angels". Knowing my sarcasm, my daughter replied with a chuckle, "Yeah, angels with dirty faces!"

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves. Not everyone speaks the same language, nor do they interpret the lesson before the test, and sometimes the best advice can come from the most unlikeliest source.

Lessons are defined by experience and the willingness to accept you can't change your past. Some of the most impressionable experiences are lessons in disguise, and who better to learn from than those that have been there!

The contributors ...

The contributors to this book, have in some cases been exposed to hardships, that have allowed them to have a platform and a virtuous right to an opinion on what life gives us all on a consistent basis. 

A mandate passed down

Hard work and effort isn't reserved for a lucky few. Remember, some of the most iconic people have come from nothing. You're not always going to get gold, there's silver and bronze for that reason - J Allday



Martin Knight

Roy McDonough 

Eric Mason/ Michael Mason

Martin King

Dirty Babylon- James Allday/ Asher Senator/ Paul King/ Ian Tomlinson 

Simon Bywater

Lennie Payne

Rob Silvester 

Bunter Marks/ TBF

Micky Geggus 

Candy Dawson

Phil Dalby

Scott Peden 

Thomas Turgoose


Lessons Vol 2 - OUT NOW!

Lessons vol 2

Authors footnote 

Foreword – Carlton Leach

Paul Ferris – Violence is never innocent 

Mark C – Murder he wrote

John ‘Shotgun’ Shelly 

Richie Reynolds – Old school, then and now

Bobby Cummines – Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Sam Dundas – An education passed down

Paul Harris – the truth, isn’t a game

Contract killer – You’re not a gangster

Kevin Sumer – Among the pack

Norman Buckland – Who’s the Guv’nor?

Joe Egan – Be your best

Linda & Fletcher Calvey – Thrown to the wolves

Eddie Blundell – Discipline in crime

Billy Blundell – Family & crime 

Charlie Breaker – Angels with dirty faces

Ricky Grover – Gangster, guv’nor or gagster?

Vic Dark – The old guard

A tribute – gone but not forgotten. Danny Woollard. Terry Marley. Ray 'Dutchy' Peter. Howard Marks. Frank Fraser. Jimmy Tippett Snr.

Mark Phillips – Closing testimonial

Lessons Vol 2 delivers the same important message - 'There's only one school, the old school'

I was once asked, "Why a second book?". For me, the answer was simple-

" A very powerful and respected man once said to me, "You can give the same lesson and story, over and over again, and if you're asked why are you're repeating it, tell them you're simply taking aim again as you think you missed the target" 




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About the author

Jason Allday

Since his young adult life, Jason has maintained friendships with some of the most talked and read about people. Ranging from villains, football hooligans and the heroes of the working class. The lessons and influence from the same circle of trusted friends, has allowed Jason to interpret life’s lessons and the effort required to simply stay ahead.