Better to be a grafter, than a grifter! -J Allday



Gentleman's Head Quarters

The body, the look, the lifestyle, the gamble, the money, the entertainment, the sports, the cars and of course the women. Welcome aboard and to Gentleman’s Head Quarters. We live in a world that is ever-changing. Success can be measured in different contexts and on any level of what is deemed important, what is found within and how it is delivered. That is exactly what GHQ is! Each and every issue, GHQ will deliver a full content, no holds barred insight to everything you’d expect for the discerning gentleman, and all others who wish to follow. So tie up your laces, pop your collars and get ready for a nitro fueled cutting edge delivery of nothing short of the dogs bollocks!

“A beautifully produced magazine with unique content you just won’t find anywhere else. One issue out and it already feels essential” - Author - Irvine Welsh

“Jason’s writing is sharp and authentic, informed by his immersion in working class cultures and his own life experiences” - Author - Martin Knight

"Jason is, as we say, 'one of your own' and that's why he does this gritty stuff  better than the mainstream" - Author & Film Producer - Carlton Leach 

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